About OrangeCouch

About OrangeCouch

OrangeCouch is a company started in 2001 thanks to a chance meeting with Welk Resort. As OrangeCouch's first client, I gained valuable experience designing their advertising for Welk Resort's golf, theater and restaurant properties. I used those finances to purchase an ad in the local phone book and within a year I had enough business to open a storefront and hire my brother to manage sales. From there, it quickly grew to a team of five where we were able to expand our services. In 2005 my first daughter was born and by 2007 we decided to sell our home and business and relocate from California to New England, closer to my wife's family.

After years of working for companies and watching OrangeCouch close its doors from across the country, I decided to bring it back to life with a new twist– I've eliminated costly overhead, like storefront rent, and am passing the savings on to my clients with affordable printing and custom design. Some of my happiest and most rewarding career moments happened while running this company and I'm looking forward to getting back to doing what I love. So here we are!

I am often asked where the name OrangeCouch comes from and have considered making a story up to give it some sort of folklore. But the truth is, many ideas were thrown around and this one seemed like a perfect fit. With orange my favorite color and the idea of a couch wearing it seemed to be as good of an identity as any. In California we had a fantastic orange couch in the lobby. It had a modern vibe to it and was a perfect icon for what became OrangeCouch. I don't have an orange couch anymore but one day I will and I imagine it will look like the couch pictured above.

With all the advances in technology, OrangeCouch now represents my newest dream of being able to design in my personal style from anywhere, even while on vacation.

About the Designer, Benjamin Clark

I'm a New England based Art Director working in the graphic design industry for over 15 years. Originally from southern California, I currently live in Connecticut with my wife of 16 years and our three amazing children. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Computer Art.

I created this website because it is a perfect culmination of my love for designing brands and advertising for small companies, my ability to negotiate inexpensive printing for resell and my desire to spend more time with my family here in New England and in California. I am a bit of a workaholic but at the same time I love spending time with my family. My hope is that this site will allow me a little more freedom and the ability to do both.

To see more of my design work or learn more about my journey through design, check out www.benjaminbclark.com.